Why I have been to lazy to write...

I haven't written becasue I went to visit in Alabama for a few weeks. It was Isaiah's 1st birthday! We went to Panama city and camped for a week to celebrate. Since I have gotten back I have just been hang out at Collin's parent's house looking for an apartment and a job. We are going to hopefully sign the lease on an apartmetn today!!!

Look at my old LJ I found this funny story told by Mae

So, it is Mae. I am here to blog. Now, here is the story of Tabi and mine’s Gas Station Adventure:

Okay, so Tabi’s mom kept warning her to go put air in her flat tire. After all, she has been driving around with a flat tire for a relatively short period of time. Errr... We got bored because the batteries in the digital camera that we were playing with died. So, we decided to participate in something mildly constructive. Yup, you guessed it. We went to a nearby gas station to get air put in Tabi’s flat tire. Joy.

Well, neither of us have experience with putting air in tires, so I decided to ask this very nice Hispanic man. The Hispanic mas was putting air in HIS tires anyways. You know, who wouldn’t want to help out two scene kids?

I approached the man and asked if he could show us how to put air in tires. He told us that he’d do it for us after he finished his own. And, so he did. How nice. The entire time, this other old Hispanic man was eying Tabi and me. We were scared.

We also needed to purchase batteries for that digital camera. So, we went inside the store. While inside, that SAME creepy man said "Hola!" We ignored him. We wanted to run and hide....F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Anyways, eventually we had to stand in line with that scarey guy. The scarey guy proceeded to ask us for our names. We didn’t want to seem rude, so we told him our names. Then, it was his turn to be rung up. I told him to hurry up and to go ahead and go make his purchases. Then the man left....or so we thought.

The lady at the counter told us that we should have "told the sick freak to go away". And, that she gets hit on by Mexicans all the time and that’d we’d get used to it. She also told us that they are worse when they are drunk. Hummm.... Tabi and I were still scared.

We exited the store after we bought the batteries and stuff. On the way to the car, creepy Mexican man followed us. He asked us where we lived. Tabi responded with, "...In my car!" We hurried up and got inside the car. He said something about living in a car. We weren’t paying attention anymore. Tabi cranked the car up. The creepy Mexican man was hanging on the window (which was rolled down). I shouted, "We aren’t interested! We don’t want any!" Then, Tabi slammed on the gas. We don’t think he followed us.

Oh my goodness. We are scared for life.
 P.S. Mae forgot to mention about how he didn't let go of the window and was draged a bit
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Zombie Strippers!
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
V for Vendatta

Pope Joan
Robert's Rules of Order

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Arrested Development
The Awful Truth
Penn and Teller's Bullshit

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Zelda "Link to the Past"
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Bottle Rocket Wars
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Terra's Therapy

This was a facebook note by my friend Terra. It touched me as other people's words often do. I only wish one day I will be able to express myself with easy and beauty like so many other can. Then maybe I will be able to help and guide others the way I am trying to do for myself.

As long as we have words to share and emotions to feel we will always be connected. 

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