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The lover of all that is good
22 April 1988
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I was born on Earth day in the year of the dragon.(Aprill 22, 1988) I grew up in and around Bon Secour, AL which is about an hour from Pensacola, FL which is a wonderful city. I moved to Warrensburg MO about a year ago(Aug 2007) where I attended a few class at UCM. I followed my first love to college and broke up with him a month after classes started. I have now been kicked out of school due to grades and money and I am jobless. I plan to move to move to Lawarence, KS to live with the man I intend to marry someday. In my future only two things are certain and that is I will be a Navy wife and a Flight Attendent. I never thought I would be involved with some on in the Millitary but then again there are alot of things I never thought of. Collin, my love, is Attending KU and going through their ROTC program and after graduation wants to become a fighter pilot. In Lawerance I plan to play house wife and work on becoming a flight attended which as been my dream for four years now.(ever since I first fly) Well there is a breif statement of where I am. You will uncover more about me in my Journal